Fife Athletic Club’s Run4It Grand Prix 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Run4It Grand Prix!!! The rules of this year’s competition are similar to last year:

  • To increase the number of competitors completing the series, to complete this year’s Grand Prix, a competitor must finish a minimum of 3 races (down from 4 in 2018).

Qualifying Races are as follows

Race Provisional Date Organising Club
Cupar 5 7th March Fife AC
Norman's Law 25th April Fife AC
Edinburgh Half Marathon 24th May EMF
Black Rock 5th June Kinghorn Community
Beveridge Park 5K 26th June Fife AC
Falkland Hill Race 22nd July Falkland Trail Runners
Ceres 8 4th August Fife AC
Gateside Gallop 26th August Fife AC
East Neuk 10K TBC Sept Anster Haddies
Giffordtown 5K 4th October Fife AC


Please pay close attention to the details for these races via the relevant websites, and note that some invite/require pre-registration.

The scoring system (same as last year) will be operated on the basis of % time in relation to that posted by the person who finishes half way down the field. In each race, this runner will be given 1000 points, no matter what their time. So, if this time is one hour and the winner finishes in 30 mins, the winner will be awarded 500 points; someone taking 90 mins will get 1500 points.

The series results will then be calculated according to each runner's points tally, the lowest being declared the winner. If a runner finishes more than 3 races in the series, their best 3 finishes will be used to determine their score.


The Grand Prix is open to all members of the club; a prize will be awarded to the winner in each of MJ, FJ, M18-39, F18-39, M40-49, F40-49, M50-59, F50-59, M60-69, F60-69, M70+ and F70+ categories. Each runner’s category will be determined by their age on the day of their first race in the Grand Prix.

Run-4-It vouchers will be awarded to each category winner and for second place in categories with the highest participation. Details of the prize-giving will be announced towards the end of the series.

There is no need to declare participation in the series – I will publish running updates of rankings, and will welcome notice of oversights/ miscalculations/ etc.

Good luck to everyone! Neil Millar

Current Standings

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