Race: 10th January 2013

Distance: 2.7 miles

RouteThe Blacker Than Black Rock

HUGE thanks to Gary Barker for doing the timekeeping and managing to get it all spot on with times for all 61 runners. He also checked the tide books months beforehand and worked out the date for the race to have the lowest tide. 

HUGE thanks also to Frank Mclaren and Andy Barker for marshalling out at the Black Rock itself and keeping us safe.

Without these marvellous fellows the race would not be on.

Thank you so much to all of you who turned up and took part. Having 62 entries is brilliant.

Have a look at the variety of clubs listed in the results....there's 13 different clubs plus a bunch of unattacheds!!!

But no wonder coz it is just the most spectacular event. It really is with over a mile of headtorches strung out to the Rock from the Finish. Quite a wonderful sight it made. You people are awesome.

  1. Zack Delaney FAC MJ 16:24
  2. Chris Russell FAC M40 16:29
  3. Craig Love DHH M40 16:50 
  4. Ian McNulty DHH M40 17:32
  5. Billy Gibson DHH MS 17:39
  6. Brian Cruickshank FAC M40 17:45
  7. John Kay FAC M50 17m57
  8. Steven Morton RAF Leuchars MS 18m27
  9. John Mill DRR M40 18m28
  10. Calum Harvie FAC MS 18m40
  11. Robert Summers Beacon M40 19m03
  12. Gordon Pryde Lomond M50 19m12
  13. David Cowan FAC M40 19m14
  14. Kerr Milne U/A MJ 19m40
  15. Steven Peters DRR MS 19m49
  16. Malcolm Finlayson U/A M40 19m59
  17. Louise Provan FS HBT 20m20
  18. Iain Robertson Pitreavie M40 20m22
  19. Paul Gaughan Pitreavie MS
  20. Mike Cooper Staying Alive M40 20m26
  21. Jay Hudson RAF Leuchars MS 20m30
  22. Gordon McNeil Wee County Harriers 20m38
  23. Brian R Smith FAC M50 20m48
  24. Gary Timmons DRR M40 21m00
  25. Jane Dunlop DRR FS 21m16
  26. James O'Donnell U/A MS 21m29
  27. Fraser Caldwell U/A MS 21m31
  28. George Furmage Wee County Harriers M40 21m32 
  29. John Irving DRR M40 21m55
  30. Bill Simpson Anster Haddies M60 22m02
  31. Colin Arthur RAF Leuchars MS 22m17
  32. Geoff Fisher U/A M40 22m20
  33. Sean Percival RAF Leuchars MS 20m25
  34. Eva Groeneveld U/A FS 23m10
  35. Grant Whittock DRR M40 23m25
  36. Catherine Matthews DHH FS 23m34
  37. Lucy Duff FAC FJ 23m42
  38. Lauren McCready U/A FS 23m42
  39. Ian Shield Anster Haddies M60 23m53
  40. Alison Marven U/A FS 23m58
  41. Stewart Davidson FAC M60 23m59
  42. Richard Gatehouse Lomond M60 24m33
  43. John Gourlay U/A M50 24m45
  44. Katherine Lawlor DRR FS 24m46
  45. Monica Anderson U/A F40 24m50
  46. Graham Milne U/A M50 25m05
  47. Louise Hewison Pitreavie FS 25m28
  48. Austin Pedder U/A M40 25m35
  49. Jeff Taylor Jog Scotland M40 25m45
  50. Bob Thornton FAC M50 26m51
  51. Eddie Petrie U/A M40 26m51
  52. Ali McLaren Carnegie M40 27m46
  53. Lynne Williamson Staying Alive F40 28m17
  54. Rick Henderson Pitreavie M40 28m29
  55. Ruth Cruickshank Jog Scotland F50 29m27
  56. Dawn Busby Jog Scotland F40 29m29
  57. Emma Fraser U/A FS 30m12
  58. Sarah Ives Jog Scotland FS 30m51
  59. Julie Gillespie Jog Scotland FS 31m00
  60. Vivien McCready Jog Scotland F50 31m27
  61. Lisanne Burns Jog Scotland FS 31m27
  62. Gillian Carmoodie Jog Scotland FS 31m51

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Chris Russell