Race: 26th April 2015

Fife AC runners:

Position Runner Category Time Category Position
303 Megan Crawford F18-39 02:40:26 5
951 Katie Jones F18-39 02:52:30 27
1552 Sophie Mullins F18-39 02:58:16 47
2103 Amie Mckimmie F18-39 03:02:21 80
2976 Jennifer Kibble F18-39 03:10:12 159
3617 Hilary Ritchie F50-54 03:14:36 7
5869 Andrew Milne M45-49 03:28:26 807
7279 Sarah Legge F40-44 03:35:43 247
9009 Lynne Stephen F55-59 03:43:28 32
9511 Peter Darbyshire M55-59 03:45:16 247
23825 David Bee M60-64 04:38:12 322
25898 Gerry McPartlin M70+ 04:46:55 60
26202 Andrew Wright M70+ 04:48:14 62
32503 Derek Adamson M45-49 05:26:02 2876


Andy Wright:

620 miles of training runs over 4 months and finally the big day arrived. Rain was forecast but, in the event, it had cleared away by the start of the race. It was a bit cold before the start but once we were on the move, we soon warmed up. There was no wind to speak of. 

For the first four or five miles, the crowds were noisy but not excessively so. After that the noise of the crowd encouraging you was more or less constant. Indeed at one stage, I wished I had earplugs. But it was the encouragement of the crowd that gave you strength.

I was wearing my Fife Athletic Club vest and shouts of "come on Fife" were ringing out constantly. I caught the eye of one supporter and waved and he shouted "Kirkcaldy". To take advantage of this, you ran at the side of the road so they could read your vest. At the same time you touched hands with the endless rows of children lining the route. To have a break from this, you ran in the centre of the road. There were drink stations every mile, Lucozade Sport drinks every 4/5 miles and Carbo Gel stations at two points. I was careful not to avail myself of everything on offer! Later in the race, St John's Ambulance cadets offered globs of vaseline for chafed skin. There were plenty of bands along the way and a couple of pipers who were very encouraging. At various points the road narrowed and the pack tightened so it was very difficult to overtake.

I ran well for about 18 miles and then started to slow. Unfortunately, my garmin watch started to play up at this point so that pace management became difficult. The last 6 miles were a bit of a slog and not much fun. I managed to increase my speed at the finish and was very pleased to have finished.  My time of 4 hours 48 minutes was 20 minutes slower than two years ago which was disappointing. But I was relieved to have finished without injury or illness and to have earned the considerable sponsorship of just over £4000 for Tushinde.